All communication and PR services at the same company.

Corporate communication

  • We seek to contribute through a relationship plan with the press, opinion makers and stakeholders to position the client in such a way as to achieve greater recognition in their favor, support for their management and a positive reputation and image.
  • We work to establish the communication channels necessary to generate a fluid and positive relationship with the target audiences and the media.
  • We provide the necessary support from communication to accompany the management and business objectives.

Media Relations

  • We advise on the relationship with the press, opinion leaders, influencers and other audiences.
  • We identify the news and adapt it for the different types of media.
  • We achieve spaces in the media for the publication / dissemination of news.

Crisis management

  • We work to prevent possible crisis situations in the media.
  • We advise on the development and implementation of strategies and tactics to face crisis situations that may affect the image of the company or that of its members.
  • We are working on the definition of a protocol that establishes the procedures and persons responsible for communication actions during a crisis.

Public and Institutional Affairs

  • We assist in the identification and analysis of strategic priorities and issues according to the business and place them within the political context.
  • We advise and manage issues of interest before the authorities and pertinent governmental instances.
  • We follow up and monitor government decisions in political and regulatory matters.

Media Coaching

  • We train in management, knowledge of basic rules and ways of behaving with the media to communicate with solvency and efficiency.
  • We seek to consolidate the corporate discourse that allows the company and its managers to generate a more favorable relationship with the different media and public opinion.
  • We simulate exercises with real journalists based on scripts specially designed for each client.

Corporate social responsibility

  • We work to detect opportunities, necessary resources and performance of entities and NGOs.
  • We collaborate in the design and audit of CSR programs.
  • We design sponsorship, patronage and donation policies.